Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country Training 
Ridewell Training Academy presents Summer Clinic Series
Are you wanting to build a partnership with your horse? 
Build confidence and skill at the level you desire?
Enjoy your competition rather than feeling sick? 

Upcoming Clinics include
Jumping Confidently for Fun
Jumping to Win (Riding Tight Lines) 
Dressage Basics
Dressage Loving Lateral Work
Dressage Test Practice and Coaching Session
Pony Parents Course 
Cross Country "Just Do It" 

Who do we help?
Dressage from Prelim to Prix St George
Grassroots Eventing 
Show Jumping 
Mental Confidence and Skill 
Live Your Dreams 
We have various dressage, show jumping and cross country clinics happening until October. 
We use Surrey and Hampshire venues mostly. 
Our favourite venue is Nodwood House in Surrey
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Who is Lisa Hamilton-Smith
Lisa Hamilton-Smith BA (Hons) Business is a BHS Accredited Coach and NLP Coach, Speaker, Author and a lifetime trainer of dressage and eventing. 

Lisa trained with has worked with Arthur Kottas, Charles De Kunffy, and Andrew Day over many years whilst a part of an incredible organisation called the Teaching the Trainers of Tomorrow Trust.

Lisa runs the private Ridewell Riding Academy in Surrey and is committed to furthering the Education of all Equestrians and helping enlighten rider and coaches to bring the highest calibre of wisdom and science to all her clients online and offline.

Lisa is also Founder of the Equestrian Mastermind a community of riders and trainers wanting to learn from the best in the world and discuss training techniques for the betterment of the Art of Riding 

Clinics are primarily held at local venue Nodwood House, a wonderful Equine 5 Star Spa/Rehabilitation Centre in Churt, Surrey, with outstanding facilities, beautiful indoor and outdoor arenas.  We will occasionally use other close by venues Parwood and the Priory

 Virtual Dressage Clinics are also available with Equestrian Mastermind International Speakers/Trainers;  Arthur Kottas, Christine Stuckelberger, Carel Eijkenaar, and others by application only. 
Please email us to apply with your level, experience, your ambition and your horses details. 

International Dressage
Do you aspire to compete? 
Ride at the highest levels?
Win at your Local riding club? 

Whatever your goal is, whether its big or small...its starts with a dream. 

We then set a goal and a plan of action....
Anyone can do it but so many think they cannot, lets change that together.

Dreams of Red Ribbons and Union Jack Flags...why not......

Too often we limit ourselves before we even begin. 
I have been lucky to work with the great Arthur Kottas and aspire to his ambitions of all riders building a partnership with their horses/ponies
Retired Chief rider of the Spanish Riding School and one of the worlds foremost classical trainer. 
Arthur Kottas is a rider and trainer of the highest international repute, and has successfully trained many horses and riders up to Olympic standard. He believes riders should always control their temperament and put their horse partners first. “We should always remember that a horse without a rider is still a horse, but a rider without a horse is just a person.”
I like to start children young and get it correct from the beginning....
As a result of taking my son through the pony club levels and into British Eventing himself, I owned a lot of ponies, all of which I kept as I couldn't bear to send them on to home after home as usually happens to little ponies. The consequence of which was I found them riders to share them and myridewellpony was born. I have taught dozens of children from 2-18 to ride and compete but most of all to love their ponies. 

Ponies are not tools or possessions they are living beings, who deserve kindness, and compassion and who can make great friends if one learns how to treat them well 

Upcoming Clinics include:
Dressage Basics
Lets discuss balance, connection, contact, engagement and collection. 

Dressage Loving Lateral Work
So many people shy away from lateral work thinking its not for them, and for more advanced riders, they are so wrong. Lateral work is yoga for horses and ponies and we should all understand how to use it. So come and find out 

Dressage Test Practice and Coaching Session
Ride a test of your choice and we will judge it and then coach you and you can then repeat the test and improve. 

Show Jumping
Upcoming Clinics include:
Jumping Confidently for Fun
correct seat, leg and contact, straightness and balance are key in jumping, both before and after the fence as well as of course over the top of it. Come improve your technique and in so doing improve your confidence with ease. Mental rehearsal techniques and ways to focus to get the results you want will be suggested as well. 

Jumping to Win (Riding Tight Lines)
We all practice beautiful balanced rounds but the moment. Learn speed comes from strategy and riding tight lines, lets worm on that skill. 

Cross Country
Upcoming Clinics include:
Cross Country "Just do It" 
We have run this clinic many times and its all about attitude. Believe you can or believe you cant, you are right!! Attitude with the right basic skills will get you and your horse becoming cross country machines once you have trained your horse to be brave like you !!

Mindset Matters Cross Country 
Learn sports psychology tips and NLP practices to get the best results from your rounds and be safe and secure

Show Jumping

We have been lucky enough to have had Lisa work with us for the last 8 years and I can honestly say she is one of the very best horse trainers out there, truly outstanding.
It's no coincidence that my daughter reached National championships level in dressage showjumping and eventing. But the real bonus is a super confident young rider able to truly enjoy her horses as well as reaching up to the top level of the sport.
Don't just take my word for it.... our horses are testimony too. Always injury free as ridden correctly they are happy and relaxed in a strong partnership. 
I can honestly say we would never have got there without Lisa....

Maria Kitt ( Ellie Kitt ) 

Cross Country

I met Lisa through a dear friend of mine whose horses she was eventing at the time. It was my dream to win a British Eventing Horse Trial, and I suggested she might help me with my goal. Lisa helped me buy the Duke of Bartle, a lovely BE100 level horse. Together we trained weekly, I had a lot to learn as my jumping was lacking and Lisa trained Barty for me as well, competing him in the earlier days to keep him up to standard.  
As a criminal QC in the city, I had little time to prepare for this sport, and could not have have done it alone. 
Lisa was inspiring and dedicated, and within a year, we placed 9th at our first BE90 and we won our 4th BE90.

Sarah E (Kent)

Lisa has various books and courses for clients available

Charles De Kunffy, an example of a true master of the horse. 

Jenku Dietrichsen above an inspiration with his in hand work

Sylvia Loch
An extraordinary author and dressage trainer who inspired me age 14 to begin to ride well!

Mastery is the Answer
Horses should be our partners, that we "collaborate" with to bring moving art to life in dressage and demonstrate speed and agility in eventing and jumping.
The Olympic level trainers bring dozens of years experience working at the highest levels using a combination of centuries of classical wisdom and modern science. To be the best you have to learn from the best.
“Classical Dressage is the real thing, the original - in all its purity. It should be very simple. It is nothing more nor less than practising dressage with a correct seat and correct training methods.”

“Classical Dressage is correct for the horse, correct for you, and correct for that moment in time. The horse hasn't changed in thousands of years, neither have human beings. We are all ruled by the same physical laws of nature, which is why there is no middle way. Only correct, and incorrect.”

                                                                                                    Sylvia Loch -
Wisdom and Knowledge

Patience and Understanding 
Relationship and Practice

Sylvia Loch : What is Classical Riding 

If it is all so simple.....
Why have so many books been written?
Why are there so many controversies?
Why has it only recently become available to ordinary riders?
Why do some people dismiss it totally out of hand?

The answer to this question is more complex, but basically classical dressage has always been available throughout the world but has required some searching out. The main stumbling block has been an elitist image, due probably to a world shortage of national institutions where it is demonstrated and taught. Where once the courts or the military, for the purpose of cavalry, maintained the status quo, nowadays only the truly dedicated maintain the high standards, which were once the preserve of all who taught dressage.

However, on an individual basis, there are still many who teach classical dressage quite unconsciously. These may vary from quite 'ordinary' instructors in 'ordinary' riding schools, to a handful of our top competition riders as seen - very happily - at the London Olympics. Unfortunately not all teachers and trainers are classical. There are some who are positively barbaric but often this is down to ignorance or simply a lack of feel and sensitivity for the horse. When their methods get copied and adopted as correct ones, then it is time to worry. 

The Seat by Charles De Kunffy
Understand your Horses Better
Harmonise Your Aids and Seat
Be the Change that the Horses Need
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    Lisa Hamilton-Smith with Mister Razzle Dazzle the best pony ever!

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